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Speakdanish started out in 2003 as an aid for foreigners learning Danish in Denmark. It soon grew in popularity and is today the number one online Danish learning course. It is used by newcomers in Denmark, people who want to reconnect with their Danish heritage, and others who are simply interested in learning a new language.

Speakdanish is approachable and authentic, based on modern language-learning principles. It teaches contemporary Danish in a style that is familiar with the needs of a new generation of learners. No more drilling of tedious grammar rules; Speakdanish will get you speaking basic Danish within weeks and will serve as an invaluable reference for many years to come.

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Emil J. Rørbye
Maria Therese Seefeldt Stæhr
Sine Marie Elmelund
Ulrik Lundgård
Ilan Hatukah
Anelise Kulle
Jens Albrectsen
Mia Bang Nedergaard
Anne Mette Kildegaard Larsen
Anne Louise Fink
Kirstine Nordentoft Mose

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Dorte Kulle (MA)
Rikke Holdgaard (MA)

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Jes Madsen

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