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At Speakdanish.dk you will learn how to pronounce the most common Danish phrases and words.

Danish pronunciation is impossible to learn from a book. You have to hear what you read.

This course contains everything you need to know about getting started with Danish.

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Kan du hjælpe mig?

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Anne har en søn og en datter

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Sofia gav mig et smil

What you get


Follow a group of young Danish friends through their daily interactions & challenges, and pick up some core Danish skills along the way!


Your Danish friends taunting you with saying “rødgrød med fløde”? We understand. We’ll help you plot your revenge.


Want to get away with just the basics? Our extensive library of Danish phrases will prepare you for just about every situation.


We know. You’ve always wondered what adverbs actually were. Like magnets, few people know how they work, but imagine all the people you could impress if you knew!


Our language exercises are designed to keep you on your toes, so you’ll always have the right words at your fingertips.

One more

Most importantly, the secret to learning Danish successfully is in listening and mimicking. We give you all the tools you need to speak with confidence!

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SpeakDanish is an online course. It means that you can practice when and where you want, on your prefered device at home or on the go.

No scheduled lessons – only when you have the time!

And you can practice each lesson as many times as you want!

What our customers say

The Danish course is well structured and perfect for a (German) beginner. The separate pronunciation samples that can be played at different speed and one by one work much better than any CD-based course. The website is well designed and easy to use. Very kind and quick personal service!
Jonas BS
Speakdanish is the best website and resource for learning Danish. It has everything, grammar, pronunciation, and quite a good vocabulary. I'm progressed so much in Danish just because of Speakdanish.
Stanislav Khatko
This is by far the best course I have used to learn Danish. The options to listen to pronunciation both at normal speed and slower speed are particularly helpful. Would highly recommend this to anyone who wishes to learn to speak Danish.
Jackie Petty
United Kingdom
Absolutely amazing. This tool is very helpful, and just one of a kind; simply unique from other language learning sites and apps. It is independent on its own, but perfectly compliments other language learning methods. It's a very informative and practical site to learn Danish. To the one(s) behind this, TAK SKAL DU HAVE! <3
Peter Ryuken

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