You just got a job in Denmark and your employer generously gave you an opportunity to learn Danish at a local language school. But you find that the approach is too immersive, your brain is overloaded, and on top of it all you simply don’t have the time to go to school. You want to study it on your own but learning Danish from a book is simply impossible.

Sound familiar? We know the feeling. That’s why we developed the perfect solution: an online Danish course with audio, so you can actually hear what Danish sounds like – in your own time.

What’s the gist?

SpeakDanish is designed with 2 things in mind:

  • Fast learning. You get to hear and speak Danish immediately. You listen to a phrase. You’re amazed that the phrase sounds so different from how it looks! You listen to it a few more times. You try to mimic it. Before you know it you’re magically having a Danish conversation with your neighbor.
  • Flexibility. You can reach out for your phone and access it any time you like.

That simple?

Not really. Danes don’t just go out and talk to their neighbors. But yes, it is that simple to learn Danish, even if it looks impossible at first glance. Listening and repeating is all there is to it. 

Think about playing a game of cards for the first time. You’re not listening to the person explaining the rules; you’re daydreaming about living in a cabin in the woods, far from the madding crowd. You just want to play a few rounds and see how the game works. You want to learn by example. This is our approach.


It also has a comprehensive Danish grammar section where you can go and look at the rules if you like. Our pronunciation guide gives a full overview of how Danish sounds behave, and the course includes 20 conversations that cover everyday social situations.


SpeakDanish is available as a standard subscription for individuals, but if you’re a company you can purchase reseller licenses for your employees – at a reduced price. This enables you to administer licenses and distribute them with the click of a button!

About SpeakDanish

In 2023 we celebrated our 20th anniversary. After having sold licenses to thousands of happy customers, we are very confident that our methodology and approach to language learning is as effective as can be. We’re sure you’ll agree.